Top Gear Special: Formula E vs WRC vs Formula One Car... Drag Race In The Wet!

Stig’s Christmas wish came true as it took the wheel of Lewis Hamilton’s 2019 Championship winning F1 car against in one of the most extreme drag races of 2021

Top Gear put out a short excerpt from this years Christmas special

And this was a big one, an F1 Car, taking on a Ford Fiesta WRC Rally Car and a DS Formula E Racer

Top Gear's current presenters, Chris Harris, Paddy McGuinness, and Freddie Flintoff were out on track and were donning their Christmas Jumpers

Top Gear's resident racing driver, the one and only mysterious Stig's Christmas wish also came true as he took the wheel of an F1 car

The F1 car of course was Lewis Hamiltons 2019 Championship winning a race that has a 1.6-liter turbo V-6 hybrid engine that puts out a whopping 1000 hp and weighs just 1638 lbs. It has a top speed in excess of 200 mph

Representing WRC, we have a Ford Fiesta World Rally Car, that also has a 1.6 liter, EcoBoost unit that produces 380 hp with AWD traction. The Fiesta tips the scales at 2623 lbs and is the heaviest of the trio

Finally, representing Formula E, we have the futuristic DS TECHEETAH that produces 338 hp from its 50 kW battery. It is also light coming in at 1990 lbs, with the driver

The F1 car is the lightest here but only sends power to the rear, and the track is damp, so it won't be a walk in the park for the Mercedes

With that, the three cars line up for one of the best drag races on YouTube for 2021

They set off and predictably, the Ford rally car got a great start

Thanks to its AWD, and did I mention how good that 1.6 EcoBoost sounds

Meanwhile, the Stig in the F1 car struggles to put the power down and is seen veering

However, once he got some monetum

It was no contest really and the Mercedes tore past the Ford

The view from the rally car's cockpit is pretty sepctacular

The F1 car clinched the win as it drove past the Christmas Tree

The DS unfortunately was just a spectator in this race

Big changes are expected over the coming years in F1, Formula E, and WRC. I for one can't wait to revisit such a showdown and it'd be nice if a NASCAR contender also joins next time round. Swipe Up to Read More.


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