Toyota TS010 Was a Group C Car That Could Break Your Ribs

The Story of Andy Wallace and the rib-breaking Toyota TS010

The Toyota TS010 Was launched in 1991 to replace Toyota’s previous Group C racer

It featured a naturally aspirated 3.5-liter V-10 that replaced the old cars 3.6-liter, twin-turbo, V-8

Despite the TS010’s roots in racing, it’s engine actually served as a testbed for Toyota’s new multi-valve technology.

In max tune, the TS010 could deliver a total of 700 HP, but for Le Mans racing, it had to be tuned down to 600 HP.

A six-speed manual sent power to the rear wheels

Enough to propel this 1,653.4-pound car up to a top speed of 215 MPH!

The story behind this car is that it can break a man’s ribs without crashing when pushed to the limit.

According to driver Andy Wallace, the legend is, in fact, true.

He was running down a long stretch of track and entered a hard left-hand curve

And that’s when it happened

Andy Wallace Cracked two ribs when corning in the TS010

“I went through the corner and just felt this massive crack, and two ribs were broken instantly from just driving the car”

This wasn’t a one time thing, either.

The same thing happened to Hitoshi Ogawa in the same exact place

Bone Fatigue could be the cause.

It is possible that both Andy Wallace and Hitoshi Ogawa were suffering bone fatigue near the ends of their run – something that’s not so uncommon in competitive driving.

The TS010’s Sheer Downforce could also be a reason

The TS010 can produce 4,698 pounds of downforce at 180 mph and 5,800 pounds at 200 mph, and that’s at minimum aero settings!

G-Force Shifting

While Wallace and Ogawa are speculated to have only felt the force of 5Gs when hitting that curve, the shift of the direction at such high speed could have caused their ribs to crack.

The TS010, despite being stronger than its drivers

Went on to see some success in racing. It was eventually replaced by the TS020, and the rest is history.

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