Ultimate EV Showdown: Plaid vs Livewire

Has the Plaid finally met its match in the form of the Harley Livewire? Let’s find out

Andrew from the Tesla Plaid Channel regularly pits his pride and joy against some pretty potent machines at the drag strip

He has previously take on a big tire Camaro cop car and even a Kawasaki ZX14 in a head to head

In one of his most recent videos, he took on an all-electric bike. It is Harley Davidson's very first EV, the Livewire

Now the Livewire produces 105 hp and 84 lb-ft from its three-phase electric motor, which might not sound like much when compared to the Plaid's 1020 hp. However, the bike only weighs about a 10th of the Tesla

With the blessing of the track officials

Both EV's roll up to the start line. The pair also do some burnouts as well to put heat into those tires

Andrew decides to give the Harley the hit

The lights go out and the bike is off

With the Tesla being given the beans moments later

Both EV's take off in absolute bliss with no drama whatsoever

The bikes lead though is short lived

And the Model S Plaid does its usual thing of just going ballistic

The end result, I'd say both EVs fared rather well, with the Model S Plaid punching in a 1/8 mile time of 6.10 seconds at 119mph against the Harleys 7.27 seconds at 97093 mph

The reaction times aren't that relevant as the bike was given the hit on this pass. But despite this, the 60 feet of the Tesla is impressive. Expect to see more EV's hit the drag strip over the coming years.