Unfinished Lamborghini Diablo Replica Is Off to a Great Start

Looking for an affordable Lamborghini project car? This Diablo replica doesn’t even have an engine

This unfinished replica of a Lamborghini Diablo looks awfully covincing

But it needs more work done to it, before it hits the road and cause mass confusion

Not your typical replica

This Diablo clone is underpinned by a custom tubular frame, isntead of using a budget car as a basis

It even has original parts

The side skirts and engine cover are from a Diablo GTR

More original parts up front

The carbon-fiber front fenders and facelift (Nissan) headlights are also OEM

However, the car needs an engine

All mounting points are set up for a BMW V-12, so the chocie is made for you

At least, it's aesthetically correct

All exterior moldings are made to original specifications. It really looks like a real Diablo

Most of the body panels are there too

The only main exterior part missing is the trunk lid

The interior still needs a few things though

It lack seats, carpets and inner door panels

It's clearly replicating a later model

Like the exterior, the dashboard molding has adopted the curvier design of the post-facelift Diablo

But now, the project needs someone else to pick up the torch

The convincing replica is listed for sale on Facebook Marketplace. The price seems reasonable

Would you be willing to finish the project?

Swipe up for more details on the Lambo Diablo replica


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