Vivid Racing’s Carbon Fiber Aero Kit for the Porsche Taycan Is A Match Made in Heaven

Vivid Racing just proved that less is more with this amazing carbon fiber aero kit for the Porsche Taycan

Vivid Racing has created a new carbon fiber aerodynamic kit for the Porsche Taycan

While other tuners go heavy on aggression, Vivid’s kit is humble and almost looks like an OEM offering

The entire kit is comprised of four different body elements

There’s a new front splitter

New side skirts

A new rear diffuser

And the coolest bit is this new spoiler with quite the classic touch

It really harkens back to the old ducktail spoiler on the 1970’s 911

All of these add-ons can be had in a glossy finish or in a forged carbon finish.

There’s also a selection of 21- and 22-inch wheels to choose from

Vivid will also hook you up with a lowering kit for the Taycan’s air suspension

You can buy each of the parts individually if you like, but the whole kit will set you back $6,000

Swipe up to see a bunch of awesome pictures or to learn more about Vivid Racing’s new aero kit!

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