Walter Rohrl Makes the Porsche 904 Dance Around The Race Track

A Porsche 904 GTS driven by Walter Rohrl is the ultimate expression of old-school motoring

The mid-engine classic car requires a skillful driver to unveil its potential

Luckily, Walter Rohrl is more than qualified for the job

A quick walkaround reveals that this is a 904/6 GTS, which has a 2.0-iter flat-six unit

180 horsepower and 144.5 pound-feet are more than enough to move the 1,410-pound featherweight

0 to 60 mph happens in under 6.0 seconds, on its way to 163 mph

Warming up before stepping on it

Walter Rohrl and the 904 GTS take it easy until they get to know each other

After the initial warm up, Rohrl and the 904 are ready to rip

What follows is an impressive display of car control and footwork

Every driver input and every graceful power-slide is captured on camera

impressive footage, showing that great talent and craftsmanship can stand the test of time

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