Watch A Kawasaki ZX14 Drag Bike Try to Humble the Tesla Model S Plaid

Can this highly tuned Drag Bike take down the Plaid?

The Tesla Model S Plaid takes on a tuned ZX14 at the Orlando Speedway World event, currently underway in Florida until October the 14th

The ZX14 seen here is this shade of stunning red features a 1352 cc engine. The exact horsepower wasn't mentioned, but in stock form, the Kawasaki produces 190 HP. With the extended swing arm along with ported polished heads, It definitely produces more

The Model S Plaid seen here belongs to Andrew from the Tesla Plaid Channel. As you know, the EV produces 1020 HP. For this duel, the Tesla was in Dragstrip mode and was sitting on 19" Pirelli P Zero tires

The pair lined up for the race against the spectacular setting, for a rolling race

The lights turn green and the two set off towards the horizon

The Tesla though gave it the beans a tad bit earlier and was off, gaining some blistering pace early on

The ZX14 meanwhile, which sounds rather mega by the way, opened up the throttle perfectly at the start line

And started to reel in the Plaid, but the 1/4 mile just wasn't enough for the ZX14 to take down the Tesla

And so the Tesla got the win over the Kawasaki, but the bike wasn't far behind

And the time slip is proof of this with the Plaid managing 8.148 seconds at 152.71 mph while the ZX14 clocked in a time of 8.167 seconds at 153.35 mph

The ZX14 did give the Tesla Plaid a run for its money, despite setting off a tad bit later as compared to the Plaid

I'd definitely like to see a rematch between these two, with Andrew himself looking forward to it. Swipe Up to Read More.


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