Watch a Porsche 911 Turbo S Take on a BMW M1000 RR and an F1 Car!

How does a Porsche 911 Turbo S stack up against a BMW 1000 M RR and a Red Bull Formula 1 car?

Carwow is back with yet another Drag Race. The Porsche 911 Turbo S produces 650 hp & 590 lb-ft from its 3.8L flat six engine

It is mated to an 8 Speed PDK, and weighs in at 3615 lbs. The Porsche has AWD traction and launch control, with Mat Watson of Carwow at the wheel

The BMW 1000 M RR has a 1L engine and it produces 212 hp and 83 lb-ft of torque

The bike only weighs 423 lbs excluding the rider

The rider is five time Isle of TT Man champion, Peter Hickman

The RB7 Red Bull F1 car has a 2.4 L naturally aspirated V-8 that revs to 18,000 rpm

The bonkers F1 engine produces 750 hp and is being driven by F1 legend David Coulthard

The three line up to do a standing quarter

The hammer drops and Mat pulls off in the AWD Porsche, but he can't hold on to that lead for long

Because the RB7 took off after its initial struggle with poor traction, and clinched the win at 9.6 seconds

followed by the bike and the Porsche at 10.2 seconds, although the BMW is slightly ahead

Next, all three get up to 40 mph in second gear to do a rolling race

They set off, and the Red Bull F1 car takes off yet again, with the bike in hot pursuit

By the half mile mark, the Red Bull F1 car pulls a huge lead on the bike and the Porsche

The F1 car takes the win at the mile marker

In the second rolling race, the three set off at 40 mph, but this time in third gear

The results were similar to the first rolling race, with the RB7 in the lead

However, beyond the half mile marker, the BMW 1000 M starts reeling in on the RB7

But despite this, the F1 car managed to just clinch the win. But it was close, and the Porsche comes in last as before

The final challenge was a full emergency stop from 100 mph

The F1 car locks up its brakes and comes to an abrupt halt

The Porsche at least managed to beat the BMW on this occasion, although, the BMW obviously has less rubber in contact with the ground

So, an easy win then for David Coulthard and the Red Bull Racing team. Swipe Up to Read More

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