Watch A Scania Skip Truck and A Scania Grab Truck Gang Up On A Volvo Pump Truck On A Drag Strip

Three lorries giving their all in straight-line races is the dose of fun you need today!

The folks at Carwow brought three lorries to the drag strip for a series of races

First up, there's the Scania P280 Grab lorry. It features a 9.0-liter engine that makes 280 HP

Next is a Volvo lorry with a concrete pumping machine that features a 5.0-liter engine

Finally, there’s the Scania Skip lorry that also comes with a 9.0-liter mill and it puts out 250 HP

In the first drag race, The Scania Grab lorry came first, followed by the Volvo, and the Scania Skip lorry

In the second drag race, the Scania Skip got the lead early on and maintained till the very end to win the race

In the final drag race, the Volvo won. It reached quarter-mile in 29.8 seconds, the Scania Grab in 30 seconds, and the Scania Skip in 31.1 seconds...

... whereas the half-mile times were 46.7 seconds for the Volvo Pump, 47 seconds for the Scania Grab, and 48 seconds for the Scania Skip

Next was the rolling race was from 20 mph. The Scania Skip lorry won it, followed by the Scania Grab lorry, and finally, the Volvo Pump lorry

In the brake test, the Volvo stop in the shortest distance, followed by the Scania Skip lorry and the Scania Grab lorry

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