Watch a Twin-Turbo Corvette Take on Travis Pastrana's Gymkhana 2020 Subaru WRX STI

Does a heavily modified Corvette stand a chance against the 2020 Gymkhana Subaru STI?

Hoonigan is giving us yet another epic drag race

These cars represent two completely different ways to get over 800 horsepower

It's Travis Pastrana vs Cleetus McFarland

Driving the 2020 Gymhkana Subaru STI and a fully-modified Corvette C5

Can a fully-modified Corvette take on a purpose-built Gymkhana rally car?

Thanks to the massive twin-turbos, this is the fastest manual Vette in the US

It makes 850 horsepower on the stock LS iron block

But despite having only half the cylinders, the STI packs an even bigger punch

862 horsepower and almsot 1,000 pounds lighter

Massive downforce means less airtime and harder landings

“When you take off, it’s like the Hand of God reaches out and throws you to the ground”

Superior traction and short gearing

The STI sends power to all wheels through a close-ratio sequential transmission

An expected result for the first race

From a dig, the Corvette doesn't stand a chance against the lighter, grippier and more powerful STI

Can a flying start, for the Corvette, change things?

STI also gets some airtime in all races thanks to a ramp

Curious to see who and by how much wins?

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