Watch Doug DeMuro Take You On a Tour of the Weird Alfa Romeo RZ

The Alfa Romeo RZ is one of the most bizarre cars you will ever see

Doug DeMuro got his hands on one of 1,000 Alfa Romeo RZ

And he has a few things to say about it, some of which may surprise you

Alfa Romeo-designed and Zagato-built

A popular misconception is that it's the other way around

Making up for the controversial looks is the 3.0-liter Busso V-6

It only develops around 200 horsepower, but it sounds amazing

Destined to be a collector's car

Prices are already encrouching on the $100,000 mark

Wide-open isn't really something you cna say about RZ's doors

You always feel like you've parked in a tight spot, when getting in and out

Raising the roof should never be that complex

The amount of steps, required to work the soft top is absurd

It's the same hassle when yo uwant to drop the roof down again

Italian engineering at its finest

Too many vents and very unintuitive climate controls. Turning on the defroster feels like you're preparing to jump to hyperspace

An uninterrupted taillight strip that's functional

The central part houses the reverse lights

If you ever wondered where the Bugatti Chiron got its headlight design from...

Take a look at the RZ's front end

It may look like a pick-up truck, but it lacks the storage

You literally have nowhere to put your luggage, in the RZ

On the other hand, it's quite "tossible"

Doug is pleasantly surprised by the RZ's driving characteristics

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