We Deserve This Modern Interpretation of the Lamborghini Countach

The ARC Design Lamborghini Countach proves that Lamborghini needs to make a retro-inspired Model soon

The Countach is officially half a century old and ARC Design decided to celebrate by creating a 2021 interpretation of the iconic supercar.

Lamborghini already missed out by not making the 2006 Miura, so unfortunately,we have no reason to think they would give us a new Countach.

Luckily, the idea lives through creations such as the ARC Design renderings.

The rendering is a faithful representation of the 1970s forms, with many of the angular shapes preserved.

The lack of flared fenders suggests inspiration was drawn from earlier Countach versions.

We also see a hint of Diablo in the design language, mainly in the smoother lines compared to the original Countach.

The active rear buttressess, on the other hand, are a throwback to the Murcielago and Reventon.

It wouldn't be a proper "Lambo" without the "Lambo" doors.

15-inch wheels just wouldn't cut it on a 2021 supercar, so it's only natural that the modern rendition has at least 19s on it.

Here, we see a modern interpretation of the optional rear wing, which wasn't liked by all.

Under Audi ownership, Lamborghini seems to have toned down the craziness that defined it in the past.

With this in mind, we probably won't get a proper spiritual successor to the Countach, at least not from Lamborghini.

Our hopes are in some independent company, like S-Klub LA, who decided to realize John Sibal's 300SL modern interpretation.

ARC Design's interpretation of a modern Countach interior seems to be a nice blend of modern design solutions and a classic color scheme.

True to the original, the engine cover is transperant, showcasing the glorious V-12.

Sadly, we can only hope for Lamborghini to see the potential in making cars like this.

Would you like to see a car like this happen? Or should the Countach name stay in the past?

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