We're Not Sure Whether to Love or Hate This Galaxy Widebody Kit for the McLaren 720S

ZACOE Has Created a Unique Body Kit For The McLaren 720S And it’s Like Nothing We’ve Ever Seen Before

This 720S scores a unique-looking and functional widebody kit

The decision to use more "suave curves" as opposed to sharp lines is an unusual one

Intentionally leaving gaps between the bodywork is also new...

...but it's functional, as it optimizes airflow and heat dissipation

The new carbon-fiber elements almost make it look like there's a second front axle...

...reminding us of the Tyrrell P34 F1 six-wheeler from the 1970s

ZACOE's focus is on the materials used

The body kit is entirely hand-crafted

The carbon-fiber used is of the same grade as what AMG, Aston Martin, and others use

It's special dry carbon fiber with 240-gram density...

...which is being compressed in a high-pressure vacuum and baked for lightness and durability

The rear boasts a new integrated rear wing...

...and four exhaust tips arranged together

The new body kit gives the 720S racecaresque looks

According to the creators, the body kit makes the 720S looks like a warship ready to explore the depths of the cosmos

With this, ZACOE has introduced a new approach to creating a supercar-worthy body kit

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