Weird: The Lo Res Car Looks Like A Poor Man's Tesla Cybertruck

Supposedly inspired by the Countach’s shape, the Lo Res car looks more like a Tesla Cybertruck!

Doug DeMuro has reviewed a bizarre-looking car called the Lo Res

Dutch footwear brand ‘United Nude’ designed it and used it for promotional events

It is essentially a lo-res version of the Countach that’s watered down to its basic shape

The Lo Res features 12 flat panels composed of polycarbonate entirely

There are no doors and windows. The entire body lifts up for you to enter or exit the car

The headlights and taillights aren’t visible, but once turned on, you can see lights bars at the front and back

The Lo Res can be opened and closed via the keyfob and a flip switch on the inside

A control panel with five switches is also there for various functions

Interior lights are present in an enclosed area that brighten up the cabin quite well

There are two seats on the inside along with a hexagonal steering wheel

The steering column, the suspension, and a whole lot of other mechanicals are exposed and can be seen from the inside

It is powered by a small electric motor that can help propel it to 30 mph

The Lo res is currently with the Petersen Museum and ‘Drive H2’ but will be auctioning it soon

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