What If Ford Slapped The Thunderbird Name On A Mid-Engined Competitor to the Chevy C8 Corvette?

Ford might be cooking up a new mid-engined car, and that means the C8 Corvette could be in danger

There's a good reason to believe Ford is working on a C8 Corvette slayer. and it seems the Thunderbird name will return with it

Ford was spotted benchmarking a Torch Red C8 Corvette on its own turf, in Dearborn

At the same time, Ford filed a trademark for the Thunderbird name, in January

A bit of history

Back in 1954, the original Thunderbird outsold the C1 Corvette 23:1

Back then, the Thunderbird simply offered more than the "Vette"

Ford also has more experience with the mid-engine layout, so history might repeat itself

A mid-engine C8 rival could have a lot in common with the Ford GT, which is in a different league to the C8

On the other hand, demand for the C8 is high and GM are unable to keep up

It will be interesting to see Ford's dedicated mid-engine rival to the C8 Corvette

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