What's Better Than One V-8? Well, Two V-8s, Of Course!

Dubbed the GT SSC, this C5 has two LT4s sitting right behind the driver

This is Gordon Johnson's Cr Vette based car dubbed the GT SSC and it has a lethal powerplant

Shown at last years' SEMA show, this bad boy is rocking not one but two brand spanking new LT4 V-8s

That is two 6.2-L Supercharged V-8s and the combined 12.4-L mill together produces a whopping 1300 hp

Now two engines were never going to fit upfront, so Johnson and his team modified the body and have gone with a mid-engine layout

It took the team about 4000 hours to produce this wide-bodied beast. How wide? 87" as opposed to the standard car's 74" and sits on ZR-rated Pirelli tires

The cockpit may look familiar yet different

In that you've got more gauges in front of the passenger seat as well

The GT SSC is street legal, but I can't wait to see how she runs at Parhump. Swipe up to read more.