Ferrari F40 - A Car With Heritage And a Few Secrets

The Ferrari F40 might have been an icon, but there was plenty to criticize

The Ferrari F40 was designed to conquer the Porsche 959

It was based on five obsolete 288 GTO Evoluzione prototypes there never raced because FIA shut down Group B racing

The Ferrari F40 was powered by a modified version of the 288 GTO's engine

Ferrari was able to boost output from 394 HP and 366 LB-FT up to 471 HP and 426 LB-FT

The Ferrari F40 is still in high demand

Don't expect to find one outside of the $1.4-1.7 million range

The oldest F40s that have thin paint are VERY rare

In an attempt to save weight Ferrari initially used just 2 liters of paint on the F-40.

Ferrari's desire to keep the F40 light was felt by the driver - literally

The F40 had zero driver aids, and few creature comforts. U.S. customers complained about cabin temperature so much that Ferrari was forced to install A/C in later models

In the end, the F40 weighed just 2,433 pounds

Beating out the Porsche 959, which tipped the scales at 3,214 pounds

The Ferrari F40 didn't feel like an exotic car on the road

Something done intentionally after getting tired of hearing customers complain about how comfortable and plush the brand's cars were becoming

Don't forget about the Super Rare F40 LM

On two of these babies were built before Ferrari changed the name to Competizione.

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