2023 Fiat Tipo Cross Station Wagon

The 2023 Fiat Tipo Cross Station Wagon test prototype has been spotted for the first time

The Fiat Tipo underwent a facelift, back in 2020, which introduced the Tipo Cross

For 2023, Fiat are coming up wit hthe Tipo Cross Station Wagon - a high-riding, more rugged-looking version of the normal car

The prototype was recently spotted for the first time

The Tipo Cross Statio Wagon prototype is still heavily camouflaged, which indicates that the car is still in the early stages in development, which is why none of its distinctive design elements can be made out yet

While the Cross Station Wagon could bring a few surprises, we have a good idea of what the production car could be

That's because the Tipo Cross Hatchback has been on sale for over a year now. We expect the Station Wagon to feature a similar treatment

The high-riding suspension will feature a setup similar to that of the Cross Hatchback

The suspension of the Tipo Cross Hatchback is 2.4 inches (approx. 61 mm) taller than that of the regular Tipo hatchback. We can expect the Cross Station Wagon to have t he same suspension, with a slightly different rebound setting at the rear

It will feature the usual "rugged" exterior treatment we see on other models

This, of course, means plastic protectors around the wheel arches, as well as the front, rear, and side apron, with additional plates in a contrasting silver finish, like we see on the Cross Hatchback

But if you are looking for performance, look somewhere else

We expect the same engines as on the post-facelift models Unless Fiat surprises us, The Tipo Cross SW will have only 1 petrol engine on offer - a 1.0-liter turbo-four with 100 hp and 140 lb/ft

It may sound strange, but the turbodiesel engines could be the more exciting of the bunch

While the smaller 1.3-liter unit makes only 95 hp and 147 lb/ft, the 1.6-liter packs 130 hp and 236 lb/ft, which still probably won't set your hair on fire, but will at least return great fuel economy

The Tipo Cross Station Wagon might not surprise you, in terms of the driverain

We are yet to see a version of the Tipo that features all-wheel drive. It also seems liek the only vailable g earbox will be a 5-speed manual. Of course, the Tipo Cross SW might change that, upon arrival

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So far, Fiat has proven that it is hell-bent on keeping the new Tipo a budget-friendly model. While this may deprive it of being all it can be, affordable cars are increasingly hard to come by, which is coincidentally, the Tipo's strongest ace