This Replica of a Le Mans-Winning GT40 is All-Electric

Everrati is to electrify yet another legend. A true Le Mans supercar from the 60s.

After working their magic on the Porsche 911, which was showcased at Goodwood earlier this month

They have now turned their attention to electrifying yet another automotive icon, the GT40

Well, not a real one, but a Replica of the GT40, courtesy of Superperformance from California

Everrati & Superperformance will work together to accommodate an 800hp electric motor in along with a 46 kWh batter pack

On the inside, just as with the original, you'll find details like the riveted seats with modern amenities like air-con

GT40 purists might dismiss the Superperformance GT, but Retro Mods are really in trend right now

Details about the car remain scarce, you can however pre order the Super Performance GT40

As far as price, the Porsche costs $400,000. Expect the GT40 to cost a tad above that.

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