Frank Stephenson Re-imagines The Interior Of Next Generation Cars

Corning Gorilla Glass, the same stuff used on iPhones could make its way into your cars interior

Renowned Automotive designer Frank Stephenson has mostly covered the exterior design of vehicles on his YouTube channel

However, with level 5 autonomous driving to become a reality in the not so distant future, Frank thinks that its now time to re-imagine the interior of the car

He has tied up with leading glass manufacturer Corning to come up with a design based on the current technology available at Corning's disposal

If you go back 100 years, car interiors were pretty much non-existent. You had seats bolted on straight to the chassis of the vehicle

However, over the decades, automobile interiors have evolved to provide better comfort to occupants, with aspects like materials, aesthetics and ergonomics taken in to consideration

Another material that holds immense promise in transforming the interior of the future; Glass

While glass is already used on the windscreen, windows and displays

The material could provide far more flexibility and the cold-formed glass from Corning can take some extreme forms, giving a lot of flexibility to designers

The Autograde glass from Corning for instance and also doesn't shatter on impact. It passes all the necessary tests

While there are challenges with materials like glass due to ist reflectivity, Corning is working on a anti-glare technology to address this problem

With that Frank begins sketching. He sticks to a 3/4 wide angle viewed from the rear so that we get the best possible view

He imagine the passenger cell divided by a center tunnel with occupants surrounded by a wide array of displays

Another idea that he had was what if the windows could display information on the fly about passing objects or interesting sites, in real-time

Glass screens also give you the flexibility to mimic materials like wood, leather or stone, helping you to completely transform the ambience of the cabin on the fly

After putting the sketch through Photoshop, here's Frank's final take on what the interior on future cars might look like

To put it simply, it is breathtaking and looks like a perfect place to unwind after a long day at work, cosseting and isolating you from the elements, cocooned in your own little bubble

You're surrounded by displays. This stunning piece that wraps around the driver displays a full size map

The passenger also gets their own display, or it could take the form of this bespoke and ornate form

Overall, this futuristic cabin by Frank Stephenson gives us an insight on what's to come. I for one am excited about the next generation of interior design in cars. Swipe Up to Read More.