Heat Pumps: The Next Big Efficiency Hack In Electric Vehicles

Automakers are trying hard to reduce range anxiety and heat pumps could be one of the best hacks moving forward

Automakers are trying to make EVs efficient in any way possible, and the latest hack seems to be equipping heat pumps

It’s no secret that electric cars suffer from range issues even more in extreme temperatures due to a number of factors, including heating up the cabin

What’s the use of a heat pump?

A heat pump essentially helps the EV redirect heat into the cabin and keep the temperature under control instead of drawing power from the batteries to heat the cabin

How does a heat pump work?

A heat pump’s basic job is to transfer heat energy from a source of heat into a thermal reservoir. If I had to put it in simple words, it works as an air conditioner, but in reverse

In air conditioners, the heat is trapped inside an area using a refrigerant and is then thrown outside. Heat pumps work the same way but then throw the air inside the cabin

How Do Heat Pumps Help With Range?

Heat pumps are not exactly range extenders, but they are efficiency builders that reduce the use of the battery for your HVAC purposes

A heat pump can produce 3kW of thermal energy for every 1kW of electric energy, thus resulting in an efficiency of 300-percent. Since the heat pump uses less energy in heating the cabin, it results in a better range overall

Is This A New Technology?

Heat pumps have been in existence for a long time now in EVs. Nissan has been using it in the Leaf since 2013...

… and, even Jaguar has been using them in its I-Pace EV

At a time where automakers are fighting for range supremacy, no matter how little, heat pumps are nothing short of a boon for them and are a great efficiency hack moving forward

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