Here's What The 2023 Acura Integra Needs To Have When It Debuts

The Acura Integra is Coming Next Year, and This is What it Needs to Dominate the Market

The modern-day performance car market is as demanding as ever

The next Integra needs to include the following features

A proper engine

The previous Integra had a rev-happy, B18C engine that made up to 197 hp

No more normal aspiration

The upcoming performance model is expected to share an engine with the Civic Type R

All-wheel drive?

The upcoming Integra is expected to feature Acura's SH-AWD system. However, base versions will still be front-wheel-drive only

The TLX Type S V-6 engine is also a potential option

However, this could make the Integra too expensive for its own good

It needs to offer a manual transmission

The Civic Type R's 6-speed manual is expeced to make a return in the Integra

There needs to be a sedan version too

Performance compact sedans are becoming a thing again. Acura should use this opportunity to diversify the product

There also needs to be a coupe, even if reserved for the Type S version

In order to be a proper successor, the new Integra needs to be offered in two-door form

It needs to stay relatively affordable

A starting price of around $27,000 and no more than $40,000 for the top spec seem like reasonable figures

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What do you want the next Integra to be like?


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