History Of The Ferrari Logo

This is the story of the Prancing Horse and how it became a global icon

The Ferrari emblem is one of the most recognizable logo's in the world. But what is the story behind the prancing hosre?

Well, young Enzo back in the early 1920's was a racing driver with Alfa Romeo before he ever got to make his own cars

When Ferrari won the inaugural Savio Circuit in Ravenna in 1923, the parents of Francesco Baracca, a war hero and a celebrated World War One Aviator with the Italian Airforce asked Ferrari to use a black prancing horse on his cars for good luck

Francesco Baracca used to have a prancing horse painted on the fuselage of his aircraft, which was inspired by the Coat Of Arms of the Victor Amadeus II from 1692, who was part the cavalry regiment in the Italian army

Ferrari happily accepted this gift but added his own touches like the yellow background, which represents the colors of his hometown of Modena

The very first revision where the colors of the Italian flag were added, along with the S and F initials, that stood for Scuderia Ferrari, the ream that Enzo was heading

The very first cars to wear the Ferrari shield were in fact a pair of Alfa Romeo 8C Monza's that we're competing at SPA at in 1932

After the war, the Ferrari logo got its first major design change, with the shield making way for a rectangular form and the FERRARI name proudly displayed at the foot of the prancing horse

The 1947 1.5 liter V-12 Ferrari 125 S was the very first road-going model to ever wear a Ferrari badge and the rest is history

The Ferrari name became synonyms with racing, speed and luxury and the logo pretty much remained the same for decades

It wasn't until 1994 until the design got its first major overhaul

The last changes were seen around the turn of the century in 2002

Today, the Ferrari name and logo sit a the top of the food chain thanks to decades of dominance on both the race track as well as on the road

Every Ferrari that's ever been made since 1947 has bourne the prancing horse, which sure has brought a lot of luck for the celebrated Italian marque. Swipe up to read more about Ferrari's iconic emblem.


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