Can the 2022 Genesis G90 Put Heat on the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S-Class?

The BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S-Class Better Watch Out

Genesis is working on the second-generation G90, which is almost production ready

A few months ago, the G90 was spotted testing in Germany. Now, we have new images from Sweden

Despite the camouflage, we recognize the "Athletic elegance" design language

The diamond-shaped grille and signature air vents are easily recognizable

It seems that the G90 will finally get the split-headlight design featured on other models

Naturally, the same wil be true for the taillights

The exhaust tips also mimic the shape of the grille, as seen in some other models

We also spot a new rim design, which is slightly sportier than what we've seen on the previous G90

The previous G90 was very reminiscent of the Lexus LS amd Mercedes S-Class

The 2018 facelift changed that, but...'s the 2022 model that will truly turn the G90 into its own car

There are already renderings, showing how the car might look

The G90 is serious about stealing clients from BMW's 7 Series and Mercedes S-Class

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