Legendary Designer Frank Stephenson Ranks The Greatest Aston Martin Designs

Frank Stephenson choses the greatest Aston Martin Designs.

According to Frank Stephenson, these are the most definitive Aston Martin designs

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The 1960-1963 DB4 GT Zagato

Showcasing the origins of the signature Aston Martin grille

Form and function

The grille now extends to the side, providing better cooling for the brakes

The definitive Aston Martin headlights

Even today we get a modern version fo the same rounded headlight design

The perfect two-seater GT design

According to Stephenson, this is the ultimate classic GT

The side air outlet

It started with the DB4 and became a signature design element


According to Stephenson, there's "no fat on this car"

The power bulge

The elegant element on the front hood creates more space for the engine and adds character

The Aston Martin greenhouse and belt-line

Since the DB4 Zagato, the 2 elements became a staple in Aston Martin design

1977-1989 Aston Martin V8 Vantage

Moving away from voluptuous forms towards a more brutalist design

The first "male" Aston Martin

If previous models look like attractive women, this one looked like a brawler

A gentleman's muscle car

It looks like it was inspried by the Mustang Mach 1

One of the fastest cars in its era

With a 0-60 mph time of 5.3 seconds, it was faster than a Ferrari Daytona

2009-2012 Aston Martin One-77

The ultimate blend of voluptous forms and brutalist design

Remaining faithful to the past, while being extreme

The One-77 retains the classic grille and bulding long hood

Frank points out there is no front bumper

"The front of the car is the bumper"

The DB4 GT Zagato belt-line returns

The One-77 gives a modern interpretation on the Aston Martin greenhouse

The mystery behind the One-77 design?

It manages to be elegant, brutal, and effortlessly beuatiful, while being easy on the eyes

A professional's perspective

These are Frank Stephen's top 3 ultimate Aston Martin designs

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