2021 Mercedes-AMG GT53 4-Door - Driven

Is the AMG GT 4-Door just a Mercedes CLS on Steroids or is it a true, four-door sports car?

If you took one glance at the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door when it launched back in 2018 and thought “that’s just a Mercedes CLS with a different name,” we don’t blame you. After being up close and personal with the GT53, we can tell you there's more to it.

Essentially a four-door version of the GT Coupe, this isn’t your everyday sedan. In fact, it really is the GT Coupe with two extra doors and a set of comfortable rear seats.

Under the hood of the GT53 sits a 3.0-liter, hybridized, V-6 that delivers 429 horsepower and 384 pound-feet of torque – figures that make it less powerful than both the Lexus GS F and Audi S7

Even with a power deficit, it’s not the slowest with 60 mph coming in 4.4 seconds – 0.1-seconds faster than the GS F but 0.3-seconds slower than the Audi S7 at 4.1 seconds.

Even better yet, if you’re in it for the long haul – and I do mean long-haul, the AMG GT53 will trump the competition with a top speed of 174 mph – more than the GS F at 168 mph and the Audi S7 at 155 mph.

Interest in fuel economy? Well, the GT53 doesn’t do too bad, managing 18 mpg in the city, 24 mpg on the highway, and 21 combined.

The GT 4-Door is more than just performance, though, as evidenced by the cabin that’s packed full of awesome tech, fine materials, and real wood trim!

To our surprise, even the rear passengers get to enjoy the same, supportive sports seats the front occupants have. The rear seats also mimic the driver’s lower sports car sitting position.

The MBUX infotainment system is basically paired with the cool digital instrument cluster. Both displays are super responsive and beyond easy to navigate.

Cargo Capacity is, arguably, the AMG GT53 4-Door’s weak point. It can carry just 12.7 cubic-feet of cargo – less than the Lexus GS F at 14 cubic-feet and the Audi S7 at 24.6 cubic-feet.

Beyond this, driving the GT53 4-door is a blast. From the very start you’ll realize that this isn’t just a four-door sedan. It accelerates, handles, and even brakes like a true sports car.

We’d even argue that it’s just as good as the GT Coupe, well, with an extra set of doors and seats.

We’d even say that it’s the perfect compromise for someone that wants a sports car but can’t convince the wife that a two-door car is feasible.

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