2022 Morgan Super 3

Morgan’s new three-wheel model gets a hint of modernism while still keeping it old-school

It may look like a revamped Morgan 3-wheeler, but take a closer look and you will see a lot of novelties

The 2022 Morgan Super 3 is a lot more than a revised 3-wheeler. Despite what its appearance suggests, it's a completely new model

For starters, there's an entirely new chassis

Instead of the 3-wheeler's tubular steel chassis, the Super 3 is underpinned by the new CX aluminum platform. The monocoque is made of Superformed bonded aluminum. The new 3-wheeled Morgan is a lot mroe rigid than its predecessor

Another novelty is the engine

The old 3-wheeler came with an S&S motorcycle V-twin, which was air-cooled. The Super 3 replaces it with a water-cooled, 1.5-liter inline-3 unit. It produces 118 hp and 110 lb/ft

The Super 3 retains the same transmission from the Morgan 3-wheeler

Like its predecessor, the 2022 Morgan Super 3 sends power to the rear wheel through a 5-speed manual from a Mazda MX-5, which is a joy to work with

A hint of modernism inside the cockpit

The interior "spoils" you with more leather, compared to the 3-wheeler, and a digital gauge cluster

The most refined and sophisticated Morgan 3-wheeler

Chief designer, John Wells, compared the 3-wheeler to a Scrambler and the Super 3, to an adventure bike, hinting at it being more of a grand tourer than, simply, a weekend warrior

The 2022 Morgan Super 3 is ready to go the distance

Just like a vintage car, the Morgan Super 3 provides racks for outboard luggage just like on many of the earlier automobiles. The company likes to keep it old-school and even offers vintage-style apparel to go with the car

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