SVE Oletha Is The High-Performance Z8 BMW Never Made

Did SVE make the perfect BMW? This BMW Z8-lookalike is actually a Z4 with an M3 GTS V-8 Engine stuffed in It

A modern sports car with a classic twist? Yes, please!

The SVE Oletha is the sports car that the BMW Z8 never managed to be

It's actually based on a BMW E86 Z4

As such, it's already much lighter than the Z8, which was more of a cruiser

The BMW Z8 only came as a roadster

The SVE Oletha fixes that and also features a fastback rear end

A bespoke new body

SVE has given the Z4 a compleely new exterior, mostly made of carbon-fiber

Design cues from the Z8 and 507

The kidney grille has been kept, while the headlights are true to the Z8 design. There's also a hood scoop like the one on a 507, only bigger

Classic, ala 60s side profile

Clean lines and curved haunches are as classically correct as a BMW 507. The front fenders feature Z8-style air outlets

This is how a Z8 fastback would have looked like

The sexy back end accomodates thin, Z8 taillights and large dual exhaust tips

Like the Z8, it has a V-8

Only here, we find the E92 M3 GTS' 4.4-liter unit that makes 450 hp and 325 lb/ft

A proper driver's machine

Power hits the rear wheels through a six-speed manual and a mechanical LSD

Other engine options

Apparently, the M3 E46's S54 inline-six engine will also be available

SVE also promises a bespoke, highly finished interior

Sadly, they haven't provided any images yet

It will be very exclusive

SVE will build no more than 100 of these. In comparison, 5,703 BWM Z8s were made

The price for exclusivity?

The SVE Oletha will have a starting price of $450,000, which seems a bit steep, considering it's really an old Z4

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