Pickup Truck Tailgate War: Which Automaker Offers The Best Tailgate?

While Ram and GM offer tailgates that can do all sorts of tricks, Ford is still stuck with a conventional tailgate, but with job-site functionality

Ram Multifunction Tailgate

It comes with barn doors that swing sideways

It can also be used in the conventional flip-down manner. Also comes with a retractable center-mounted step

GMC MultiPro Tailgate

It comes with an inner tailgate and can be operated in six different ways, including as a step to climb into the bed

Chevrolet MultiFlex Tailgate

It is exactly the same as the MultiPro tailgate

Ford Power Tailgate

Not as fancy as its rivals

Simple tailgate for jobsites

It comes with a Work Surface, which includes pencil holders, a ruler, phone and tablet holder, and a cup holder

Also features cleats mounted to the sides, and clamp pockets on either side of the tailgate

Which tailgate do you think is the best? Let us know in the comments section below

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