Rare Versions Of American Cars You Probably Didn't Know About

These are some of the rarest versions of iconic American cars. And each one has a European connection

1971 Ford Mustang Shelby Europa

Under license from Carroll Shelby, 9 Shelby Europa were imported and sold in Europe. Only 2 of them were convertibles. The Shelby Europa was available with a 351 Windsor or a 428 Cobra Jet

1953 Cadillac Series 62 Ghia

The Cadillac has an interesting story, as it was Ali Khan's gift to actress, Rita Hayworth. The cae is believed to have been based on the third-generation of the Series 62 and packs a 331 cui OHV V-8 with 210 hp

The car is curently located at the Peterson Automotive Museum, in Los Angeles, California

The one-off Cadillac Ghia was initially painted in a bright color. it has, since, undergone a full restoration and has been finished in bordeaux color

1954 Dodge Firearrow Ghia

There were four fully-functioning prototypes - Firearrow I, II, III, and IV. Only Ithe Firearrow II was a coupe. At least one of the cars had a 5.9-liter (361 cui) OHV V-8 that makes 305 hp

1961 Gordon Kelley Chevrolet Corvette by Vignale

This one-off is based on the C1 Corvette and features a ( 4.6-liter (283 cui) V-8 that makes somewhere between 230 and 315 hp and is mated to a 4-speed manual. The one-off was sketched by industrial designer, Gordon Kelley and executed by Vignale

1958 Cadillac Skylight and 1959 Cadillac Starlight Pininfarina

A lot of mystery surrounds the two cars. Initially being non-functioning prototypes, it is believed that functioning replicas were later made. The two cars are based on the fifth-generation Cadillac Seres 62

The theory about there being at least two coupes is plausable

Images show at least two different hardtop designs. Moreover, one of the cars features a hood scoop, while another doesn't. In addition, the Starlight had a plexiglass roof with four detachable covers, from the inside

1957 Buick Lido Pininfarina

Pininfarina was tasked with coming up with an upscale design for General Motors products that would tailor to VIPs. He came up with the Buick Lido - a four/six seater hardtop ith a roof that raised up for easier access

It shared an exterior design with the Alfa Romeo Sestrieres - another Pininfarina project

The two cars shared near-identical aesthetics, but the Buick had 15-inches longer wheelbase. It was powered by a 6.0-liter V-8 rated at 247 hp

1965 Ford Mustang 4WD

On the outside, it looks like an ordinary Mustang, but this one sends power to all four wheels. Three were made by UK outfit Henry Fergusson Research. The system was later used in the Jensen FF

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