Rolls-Royce is paying tribute to Land-Speed Record Holder Captain George Eyston

The two special editions pay tribute to the records set by British engineer Captain George Eyston in Thunderbolt back in the late 1930s

Rolls Royce launches yet two more special editions

Based on the Wraith and Dawn models

Named Wraith and Dawn Black Badge Landspeed Collection, the two cars celebrate the records set by British engineer Captain George Eyston in the Thunderbolt back in the late 1930s

Both cars feature design elements inspired by both the car and the environment that helped Eyston to set his records

Rolls Royce will only build a few units of these special cars: 35 examples of Wraith Black Badge, and 25 of Dawn Black Badge

For painting the new editions, Rolls Royce created a new two-tone finish: a combination of Black Diamond Metallic with a new Bespoke color, Bonneville Blue

For the Wraith the Bonneville Blue is the dominant color, while the Black Diamond Metallic is only used for the engine hood, the top and the trunk

For the Dawn the combination of colors is just the opposite: Black Diamond is the main paint, while Bonneville Blue is used for the engine hood, the top and the trunk

According to Rolls Royce the new Bonneville Blue paint that transitions under sunlight from light blue to silver

On the interior there are a lot of details that recall the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah where Eyston set the three records

The engraved fascia is a reminder of the Salt Flats’ fissured texture

The steering-wheel detail mimics the dark track-line marked on the surface during record runs

And, as you probably suspected there is something about the Starlight Headliner too

It precisely depicts the night sky on 16 September 1938, when Eyston set his third and final land-speed record of 357.497 mph

The front tunnel features silhouettes of the long-lost Thunderbolt, and its three record-breaking speeds

And finally, the driver’s-side door gets subtle details that reproduces ribbon colors of the honors awarded to Eyston during his lifetime

The car used to set the three record, the Thunderbolt was powered by a pair of Rolls-Royce R supercharged 37-litre, V-12 aero engines, each with an output of 2,000 horsepower

Of course, do not expect these figures for either the Dawn or the Wraith

As both will keep their usual V-12 engine with 563 (Dawn) and 624 horsepower (Wraith)

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