2021 Smart Concept #1

Daimler and Geely have teamed up to reinvent the Smart Brand. Concept #1 is the first of many EVs to come

Smart has come a long way

The Concept #1 showcases Daimler and Geely's intent to bring Smart to new heights

Designed by Daimler, built in China

The Concept #1 is underpinned by Geely's Sustinable Experience Architecture

Where have we seen this interior design?

The Daimler roots are quite obvious, as we see a lot of the current Mercedes design here

No, it's not a Mercedes GLC

Although it does resemble one from certain angles, doesn't it?

A competitor to the Mini Countryman

The Countryman will get its own EV version in 2023

On sale from next year

Initially, it will be available in China and Europe

Concept #1 aims to redeem the Smart brand

The boutique manufacturer has had some missed opportunities in the past

It also promises to incorporate the latest tech

Fast charging, long range, and next-gen infotainment are only some of the Concept #1's features

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Are you excited about it?