This V-8-Swapped Twin-Turbo Subaru STI Is One Of a Kind

This twin-turbo V-8 Subaru STI was built ouf of necessity, but the results are insane

Built out of necessity, this V-8 Subaru STI hides untapped potential

Because Subaru's aftermarket support is not the best in South Africa, the owner of this 2011 STI switched to a Lexus V-8, which he, then, twin-turbocharged

The STI is now powered by a 3UZ 4.3-liter V-8 engine with VVTi

Apart from the twin GT3582 turbos and HKS blow-off valves, the engine is currently stock. As it is, the setup is good for 363 hp and 358 lb/ft on 8.7 Psi (0.6 bar) of boost and on pump gas

Some fabrication was necessary, but the car still looks completely stock

Nolan, the owner, had to come up with his own gearbox and engine mountings, as well as to do some modifications to the front sub-frame. He also had to give up the all-wheel drive, because of the gearbox positioning

Nolan's twin-turbo V-8 Subaru STI is a symphony of epic sounds

Because of the size of the exhaust, the V-8 sounds like it has an aftermarket cam, which it still hasn't. This is accompanied by some epic turbo and blow-off sounds, as well as loud bangs from the exhaust

A work in progress

Nolan plans t do more to the V-8 STI. What we are seeing here is the result of 3 years of hard work. The next logical step would be forged internals and more boost, but even now this STI is probably one of the most unique builds out there

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Nolan's Lexus-powered STI is proof that even in parts of the world where aftermarket support isn't the greatest, you can still build some epic cars and enjoy them. How would you have gone about building an STI?


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