The Toyota GR Supra Might Offer Better Performance Than the GR86, But Is It A Better Toyota?

Here’s why the GR86 is a better Japanese sports car than the GR Supra

Toyota actually developed a lot of the GR86

Despite the car being produced in Subaru's Gumma assemby plant

While the GR Supra is a rebodied BMW Z4

Although Toyota has done its own testing and settings

The GR86 also offers more bang for the buck

$136 vs $167 per horsepower

The GR86 is all-Japanese

The GR86/BRZ is a product of two Japanese carmakers

While the whole GR Supra platform is borrowed from the Z4

Lightweight and nimble is the Japanese way

The GR86 is a pure compact sports car, while the GR Supra is a tech-heavy autobahn missile

The GR86 is available with a manual. The GR Supra is automatic-only

It's also more practical, because it has back seats

GR86 is a better spiritual successor

It manages to honour the AE86 better than the GR Supra does its predecessor

Fake vents!

The GR Supra has many. The GR86 doesn't

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