This Is How The Second-Gen Range Rover Sport Stacks Up Against Its New, Third-Gen Avatar

This is a deep-dive into the feature set of the new Sport to see what’s changed and how it compares to the outgoing L494 generation

The all-new Range Rover Sport finally broke cover a few days ago and it has been overhauled from the ground up. Here's how it compares to the outgoing model

Where the old Sport had a more pronounced grille

The new model sees a far sleeker with a thinner grille and headlight setup

Viewed from the side, the old model was far more cluttered with a lots of creases on the bodywork

This latest model adopts Land Rover's Reductionism philosophy. It is longer than its predecessor by 3 inches and devoid of any lines and creases

The outgoing model also had a fairly boxy tail end

The newer model sees a far more distinctive and round derriere, be it with those slim tail lights or that heavily reworked bumper

Despite seeing several updates over its 8 year lifespan, the cabin was truly starting to show its age

The new model sees better materials and tech, that combines luxury and sportiness expect of a Range Rover Sport

You've got stuff like the optional 29 speaker Meridian Sound system that even has speakers in the head rests

With a longer wheelbase, leg room for rear passengers has grown

As for engines, the mild hybrid P360 & P400 Mild 3.0L hybrids have been carried over. But the P440e PHEV has a better all-electric range of 54 miles. The top of the line P530 packs 523 hp and 553 lb-ft of torque

The new Sport as before features AWD across the range and is couple to an 8-speed auto

The MLA architecture is versatile enough to accommodate a variety of powertrains and is up to 35% stiffer than before

An electronic anti-roll system, adaptive air suspension, and torque vectoring will ensure that the new Range Rover reigns supreme over the competition in terms of its driving dynamics

An all-new off-road cruise control system that makes steering and suspension adjustments in real-time is truly state of the art

The new Range Rover carries a slight premium over the outgoing model, but these latest updates have brought it in line with the rest of the competition. Swipe up to read more.


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