This Tesla Model X With Machine Guns Shouldn't Be Let Out On The Streets!

A BRCC Tesla Model X has been retrofitted with two machine guns that slide out when the falcon wings are opened! Noice!

‘FullMag’ uploaded a video of a Tesla Model X being covered into a one-car cavalry! It features a dual machine gun setup at the rear that slides out when the falcon wing doors open. What a sight!

The EV belongs to Black Rifle Coffee Company. It is an espresso machine on wheels, but turns into a freakin’ terminator within a few seconds

The second-row seats are removed and Profence PF 5.56 rotary barreled machine guns were equipped. They are based on a custom platform and slide out when the doors open. The whole setup is hardwired into the Model X

The Profence PF 5.56 can shoot up to 4,000 rounds of 5.56 NATO ammo in one minute! Two guns here means you have 8,000 rounds of sustained fire every minute. The guns weigh 33 pounds and have 70 pounds of recoil

There is a controller using which you can slow down the shooting speed to conserve the ammo. It also shows how many rounds you have left

As for the aesthetics, the EV features an ODI green wrap, rivets on the wheel arches and doors, and ‘Black Rifle Coffee Company’ logos all around. There is also a body kit by ‘Unplugged Performance’ here

The Model X rides on golden-gunmetal shade Vossen wheels wrapped in Michelin CrossCliamte tires. You can even see satchels mounted on the rear doors using suction cups, and recovery shoves on the rear fender

The cabin is comparatively simple. It features espresso and black seats with Velcro pile in the headrests and the BRCC logo on them. And, of course, the machine guns in the rear

Flip open the tailgate and you’ll see coffee-making equipment. There’s a Workshops’ grinder and the La Marzocco espresso machine mounted on a walnut-finished wood inlay. The machines are powered by a portable power station from Goal Yeti Zero

The frunk holds coffee cans, but it’s a work-in-progress and the team plans to work more on it

Swipe up to watch the machine guns in action (and in slow-mo), and to read about the whole build in detail