2021 Volkswagen GTI BBS Concept

It takes inspiration from the 1984 Golf GTI - the only GTI built in the States

If you ask any car enthusiast out there, he or she will for sure know what a great car the Golf GTI is

However, during its long history, only the second generation GTI was built in the U.S.

Precisely, the model built in 1984

In an attempt to bring back the spirit of that Mk2 GTI, Volkswagen, in cooperation with Jamie Orr, developed the GTI BBS Concept - a car that highlights what has made the GTI special through the years

While lots of modifications were made to the car, the engine was left untouched, as 241 horsepower are more than enough for a sporty hatch

The interior was also left untouched. "Those wingback seats, with this striking red design – they are just phenomenal," as Orr noticed

So, most of the changes were made to the exterior look of the GTI

First of all, the stock wheels were replaced with a set of BBS 19x9 Super RS – featuring the iconic BBS waffle and hex pattern – wrapped in Delinte 235/35/19 D7 tires

The car's ride was lowered thanks to a new set of special coil overs from H&R, with stock rear fitment, but with adjusted front

The GTI also received a new exhaust from Borla - first available for the new GTI

And finally, the BBS Concept features a white paint with retro red and black vintage livery with pinstriping running from stem to stern.

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