10 Worst ideas In Motorcycling - Turbo Keyfob And Other Uselessness

They Were Meant To Help, But All They Did Was Waste Our Time

The Megola

Putting a radial engine in the front wheel was a bit daft but not as daft as the rest of this list

Self-Retracting Side Stands

Made redundant by a microswitch, thankfully


Making slow bikes faster for years. But do we need to make fast bikes faster?

Self-cancelling indicators

Ironically, Harley Davidson makes the best

Indicators in Hand Guards

Genius idea: make something designed to protect you in the event of a collision as expensive to replace as possible

Single-Sided Swing Arms

Disadvantages outweigh the advantages, unless you own a Honda NC30, then it's all right!

Underseat Exhausts

Keeps the weight high up and cooks your ass. Great idea!

Lean-Angle Indicator

Because what you really need to be doing in a tight or fast corner is looking at your dashboard

Built-in Satnav

In the age of connectivity, this seems so outdated

Keyless Ignition

Bulky, never in the pocket you think it is in and costs a fortune to replace


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