Fail Of The Day: This Is Why You Shouldn't Try To Bunny Hop A Suzuki GSX-R1000

All you need is a little bit of extra gas to throw you off bum-first on the road

Here's why you shouldn't try to bunny hop a 200+ horsepower Suzuki GSX-R1000 (or any superbike for that matter)

The video starts off with casual riding in twisties and then the riders find a crest and try to jump it

After watching the YZF-R1 rider succeed, the YouTuber BadKittyTime has a go as well

The attempts go to plan for a while

But on final attempt, the rider gives a little bit of extra gas which makes the bike land vertical on the rear wheel

This ultimately leads to the rider losing control

As a result, the bike tips over, almost 360-degree

Luckily, though, the rider walks way without any major injuries, thanks to proper riding gear

The bike, however, suffers a lot of damage. Swipe up to view the full video.