The Motorcycle Land Speed Record

A Brief History

Glen Curtiss aboard his V8-engined machine

136.36mph in 1907! Not officially recognised but was only beaten in 1930!

Joseph Wright and the OEC-Temple

137.23mph in 1930

Ernest Henne and his supercharged BMW

150.65mph in 1930. Over the next seven years, he would break the record a further six times, leaving it at 170mph in 1937. That would stand for 14 years

TARF Nardi Twin-Boom

Not a motorcycle, but the driver, Piero Taruffi, took the motorcycle LSR in 1936 aboard a Gilera

NSU without its streamlining

WIllhelm Herz first upped the record to 180.29 in 1951 and then 211.4 in 1956, the first post-war record set on American soil

Johnny Allen and Stormy Mangham's triumph-engined streamliner

214.5mph in 1956 but no official record. It did, however, give rise to the immortal Triumph Bonneville

Gyronaut X-1

245.6mph in 1966 using two Triumph twin-cylinder engines. From this point on, two engines would be standard operating procedure

Gyronaut X-1

Driver Bob Leppan second from left

Craig Breedlove and the original Spirit of America

526.27mph but was it a car or was it a bike? The FIA said 'bike' as it had less than four wheels, but it was later classified as a thrust-powered car and fell into its own category

Don Vesco's Yamaha-powered streamliner

251.66mph in 1970, using twin 350cc Yamaha 2-stroke engines

The Top Oil Ack Attack

376.36mph in 2010 using twin Suzuki engines

Triumph Rocket 3-powered streamliner

Twin turbocharged Triumph Rocket 3 engines producing 1000bhp. Can it break the record?

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