Top Ten MotoGP Crash Saves

These guys are superhuman

Not Quite A High-Side

Darryn Binder Was thrown out of the seat of his Moto3 bike while it was at 45 degrees to the direction of the race track

Hold On!

The natural instinct is to let go. Unless you're a MotoGP rider

Whatever Happens: Finish The Race, Pt.1

Ajo lost it at the final chicane at Assen

Whatever Happens, Finish the Race, Pt.2

He then avoided hitting anything and crossed the line on his knees!

Rain Isn't Fun

The rear wheel loses traction, then grips again, flicking the rider into the air. Most end in disaster: this one didn't

Unavoidable, Pt.1

Kornfeil had nowhere to go..

Unavoidable, Pt.2

So he went right over the top of the fallen bike, ramped it, landed it and carried on!