Video: The Greatest Isle of Man TT Race Ever

1992 Senior TT: Norton vs. Yamaha: Foggy vs. Hislop

Norton NRS588 Rotary

Fast but fragile and prone to overheating

Yamaha OW01 750cc

Well developed and reliable

Steve Hislop and the Norton

Carl Fogarty wasn't one to admit any rider was better than he was, but he did with Hislop

Hislop Rounds Creg-Ny-Baa Corner

The two riders were never separated by more than a few seconds over 260 miles of racing

Carl Fogarty

The bike was literally falling apart around him

It Came Down to Tactics

Hislop chose to change his rear tyre, which gave him the edge at the end of the race

A Matter of Seconds

The gap at the end of the race was 4.4 seconds, Hislop taking the win.