Video: Yamaha's Cross-Plane Engine Explained

If You ever Wondered, This will answer all your questions

Why Did Yamaha Go A Different Direction To Every Other Manufacturer?

This video tells us why

Flat Plane Crank

Pistons fire at 180 degree intervals

Cross Plane Crank

So called because the four crank pins are 90 degrees from each other and, looked at from the end, form a cross.

Cross Plane Vs. Flat Plane

Two cylinders look like they are together on the Cross Plane, but in actual fact they are on completely different parts of the stroke

Demonstration of how the firing order changes the sound

Honda's V4 Two Stroke GP Engine

Less power, better rideability

Tyres Also Played a Part

The development of radial tyres changed the power delivery requirements

How the Firing Order Affects Tyre Performance

2018 - 2021 Yamaha XMAX

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