Was This The Best MotoGP Pole Lap Ever?

Mick Doohan, Assen, 1998; Cutting It Fine

You've Got Two Minutes

With a flying lap time of just over two minutes, a pit lane start would give precious little time to complete the out lap before the flag signalled the end of qualifying

Doohan's Out Lap

He treated the out-lap like a race, passing everyone to make sure he was first across the line and so would have a clear lap ahead of him

Crafar's Wait

All he could do was wait in the pits and watch on the monitors. Had he done enough to secure pole position?

First Split

Doohan's 0.1 seconds up

Third Split

Doohan half a second to the good. This can't be happening!

Over The Line

Doohan crosses the line to take pole position by 0.4 seconds

As Good as a Victory Lap

Doohan accepts the applause of the crowd after possibly the greatest GP lap ever

How Did He Do That?

When faced with talent such as Doohan's, all you can do is shrug your shoulders and bow to the inevitable

Pole and Lap Record

Doohan breaks Schwantz's seven year old lap record


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