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On-Board Lap of the Isle Of Man TT Course is Just Insane!

The Isle of Man TT

Madness on two wheels? 37.75 mile lap. Average speed 135mph. Lap time now under 16 minutes

One Mile After the Start

You've gone from 0 - 190mph and back to 15mph in the space of about 40 seconds and now you're accelerating back up to 190mph as quick as you can

Touching 200mph

There are so many places where you not only hit 200mph, but hold that speed for a mile or more

Kirkmichael Village

On Any other day, you'd be breaking the law at 35mph. On race day, you're nudging 190mph down the narrow main street, with houses butting right onto the road

Back Markers

You have to be on it every single second. Coming across a back marker can mean the difference between winning and losing, so tight is it at the top

Up onto the Mountain

From Ramsey town, you rise up onto the mountain, with no slackening of speed. Helicopters are often used for filming and can't keep up with the bikes!

Nearing the end of the lap

Off the mountain and down to the famous pub at Creg-Ny-Ba. The end of the lap is in sight but there is still the fastest part of the course - and the slowest - to come. Do this fast enough six times and you might win a TT race


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