2021 Honda CRF300L / CRF300L Rally

Reduced weight, increased power, and improved off-road performance

The newly-refurbished CRF300L carries revised bodywork that is both lighter and slimmer

while it maintains much the same overall look with its high-mount front mudguard, dirtbike-like proportions, and competitive mien.

Both the CRF300L and the Rally benefit from a revised riding position

that delivers a more natural feel in both control and feedback.

Inverted 43 mm Showa forks float the front end and the Pro-Link suspension and Showa shock rocks the rear

rocks the rear with full-spectrum adjustability for complete control over the ride quality.

ABS is available as an option on both the CRF300L and the Rally,

but if you get the antilocks you can still disable it at the rear wheel for your off-road shenaniganery.

Revisions to the new 286 cc engine deepen the torque well for improved throttle response lower in the range.

The slipper clutch has a 20-percent lighter pull and the six-speed transmission runs with shorter ratios for improved acceleration and a taller top gear for efficiency.

MSRP is $5.3k without ABS and $5.6k with ABS on the CRF300L. The Rally runs $6k and $6.3k.

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