2022 Honda Super Cub C125 ABS

The new engine has more power for what is a bonofide iconic ride

Honda's humble little Super Cub maintains its position as the most prolific motorcycle in the world with yet another generation for MY22.

Reduced overall weight makes the new engine even more efficient than before for a net improvement in performance.

It's really kind of amazing how Honda managed to modernize the look of its venerable Super Cub over time while still carrying over so much of what sets the C125 apart from the field.

Classic bodywork keeps it all under wraps while paying the appropriate amount of homage to the original design.

You can expect lane-splitting agility though tracking may feel a bit loose in windy conditions, especially in a crosswind.

A single-pot anchor bites the 220 mm front brake disc with ABS as a stock feature,

but out back, a mechanical drum brake takes care of business without ABS protection.

The brand-new, air-cooled 124 cc engine combines the bottom end from a C110 and the two-valve top end from the new Grom.

Power output was increased to 9.7 ponies at 7,500 rpm with 7.7 pounds o' grunt that top out at 6,250 rpm.

Fun Fact: Engineers for the original Super Cub avoided the need for a clutch lever so a delivery rider could carry a stack of Soba noodle boxes on the left shoulder.

The 2022 Super Cub C125 ABS rolls for $3.8k MSRP in the U.S. Market.

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