2022 Husqvarna Norden 901

Husqvarna steps into the adventure market with its finally-released-and-much-anticipated Norden 901

Launching its adventure-bike stable, Husqvarna introduces its ambassador, the Norden 901.

Built with an off-road bias, the dual-sport “901” is nevertheless street legal to give it all-around globetrotting capabilities.

Overall, the Norden carries itself as you'd expect an adventure-bike to do,

and it does so with an efficiency and ruggedness that's forged in some of the most inhospitable geography imaginable.

A round cyclops headlight comes complete with an integrated DRL ring and fog lights,

all with high-visibility LED projectors for top-end lighting performance.

A color TFT screen serves as the instrument cluster as well as acting as a rider interface for the electronic safety package.

If you pony up for the optional Connectivity Unit, it brings navigation, communication, and music entertainment to the mix.

Corner-sensitive ABS prevents either wheel from breaking loose when braking in a turn.

Set the ABS to “Offroad Mode” to allow the rear end to slide, or turned off entirely for raw braking performance.

A powerful, 899 cc engine delivers the goods with over 100 horsepower and 74 lb-ft of torque on tap,

and comes partnered with a top-drawer electronics suite for safety, comfort, and control.

Electronic fandanglery starts with ride modes, cruise control, traction control, and anti-hop/anti-wheelie protection, but doesn't end there.

Easy Shift feature lets you switch gears both up and down the range without having to roll off throttle or so much as touch the clutch.

It rolls in a single color package that's pretty much a dark gray with yellow and white trim.

You'll need to hit the accessories catalog for luggage before it's ready to strike off on any sort of proper adventure.

MSRP on the new Norden 901 is $14k.

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