2020 - 2021 Indian Challenger Dark Horse

Indian’s new sinister, boulevard-bruiser Dark Horse

The Challenger line ushers in a new era for Indian

with new styling and a fixed snarknose fairing.

The new touches start out right up front on the Challenger Dark Horse with a revised version of the iconic war bonnet ornament.

The high-sided front fender that takes care of the spray-control business but still leaves much of the 19-inch front wheel readily visible.

A single central LED headlight splits the night with a set of daytime running lights set around the recessed turn signals.

The clear windshield is power adjustable, and it works with the frame-mount fairing to create a generous wind pocket for the rider.

Dual analog gauges display the speed and rpm count, but it's the seven-inch color TFT screen that's the star of the show.

It acts as an interface for the Ride Command infotainment feature that now comes standard with Apply CarPlay®.

The Challenger Dark Horse delivers an eagerness in the corners

not unlike Honda's famously maneuverable Gold Wing.

The low-slung seat rests your butt at only 26.5 inches off the deck to inspire confidence at stops and provide plenty of leverage when you put your feet down.

It also works with the forward-control footboards and pull-back handlebar to define a comfortable, laid-back rider's triangle.

Higher electronic features include corner-sensitive ABS, corner-optimized dynamic traction control & drag-torque control

as well as cruise control & three ride modes.

The real star of the show is the liquid-cooled 60° PowerPlus V-Twin engine

that produces 122 hp & 128 lb-ft of torque for the low-effort cruising and ample roll-on.

MSRP starts at $29k for black and jumps to $31.5k for the high-end two-tone.

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2020 - 2022 Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse

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