2020 - 2021 Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse

The newest Dark Horse comes equipped with the Thunder Stroke 116

Based on the success of its Chieftain Dark Horse, Indian Motorcycle expanded its Dark Horse lineup in 2020 with the new Roadmaster Dark Horse.

It brings blackout treatment to the table along with Indian's newest technological treats.

Indian has some very deep historical roots,

and it isn't bashful about drawing on them for an attractive blend of modern design with a nostalgic edge such as we see on the Roadmaster Dark Horse.

Touring amenities and comfort features join with the Ride Command electronics and 200-Watt sound system for your riding enjoyment.

The push-button adjustable windshield dials in for conditions and preference, plus you get heated handgrips that'll keep your digits nice and toasty.

Unlike the other Roadmaster models, the Dark Horse version pushes a pared down, batwing-like front fairing.

Behind it, a seven-inch color TFT display is the interface for the newly buffed, quad-core Ride Command system.

The saddle is heated, and so is the p-pad for cold-weather comfort.

Fold-up footpegs and a lofted pillion pad provide the passenger with their regular points of contact.

The touring trunk comes with a full-width backrest complete with armrests to help keep your friend in comfort.

The trunk also mounts a pair of speakers to match the ones in the tips of the batwings up front and complete the stereo effect.

Hard saddlebags run with stretched corners for a generous dry secure storage capacity,

and the trunk can hold a pair of full-face brainbuckets or a whole passel of groceries.

Steering geometry lends the Roadmaster a balance between agility and stability

while maintaining an eagerness for the corners with a 31-degree lean angle to both sides.

The Thunder Stroke 116 engine produces 126 pound-feet of torque at an astonishingly low 2,900 rpm,

so you can count on low-stress interstate cruising and a throttle that has something to give almost anywhere in the range.

MSRP on Thunder Black Smoke is $30k or get a choice of colors for $30.7k.

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